Kant’s Lectures / Kants Vorlesungen. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2015

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Bernd Dörflinger, Claudio La Rocca, Robert Louden, Ubirajara Rancan de Azevedo Marques (Ed.)



Although they were not written by Kant himself, the transcripts of his lectures constitute an important source for philosophical research today. Some of the contributions presented in this volume discuss the authenticity and significance of these transcripts, for example the status of Kant’s lectures on logic and anthropology, while others shed light on the historical formation of specific writings, for instance the texts on the philosophy of religion.

The contributions provide new insights into Kant’s philosophy, that, if looking at Kant’s published writings alone, we would not be able to gain. In a number of cases, a critical analysis of Kant’s lectures gives us a better understanding of his published works. Thus his lectures on metaphysics shed new light on his Critique of Pure Reason, while the lecture on natural law is a valuable source for the understanding of his published legal writings.

B. Dörflinger, Trier; C. La Rocca, Genua; R. Louden, Southern Maine, Portland, ME; U. R. de A. Marques, Marìlia; M. Ruffing, Mainz.

xiv, 288 pages

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Date of Publication: July 2015

Language of Publication: English, German

History of Philosophy u Modern Philosophy u 18th and 19th Century Philosophy Metaphysics, Ontology
Philosophical Anthropology

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