Dissertation Award Fondazione Silvestro Marcucci

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International dissertation award Fondazione Silvestro Marcucci


Rules and eligibility

Art. 1

The Fondazione Silvestro Marcucci award for the years 2011-2012 is given to a doctoral thesis of philosophical subject, related in particular to Immanuel Kant or the kantismus and its developments until contemporary philosophy.

The award can be given to a doctoral thesis (or equivalent foreign work), whose defence has taken place between January 2011 and December 2012, written in Italian, German, English, French and Spanish. The theses will be evaluated by an international scientific committee designated by the foundation.

Art. 2

The award – partially covered by the Accademia Lucchese di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti – consists of Euro 5.000, which can be used, according to the will of the author, to partially or completely finance the publication of the thesis in the series of the Fondazione Silvestro Marcucci.

Art. 3

The applications have to be sent to the email address contatti@silvestromarcucci.it before April 30th, 2013, or they will not be considered. They must include the following documents in PDF format: the request form, which can be downloaded from the URL address www.silvestromarcucci.it/english/pinboard/events.php, a declaration which confirms that the nominee has the Italian doctorate title, or an equivalent from outside Italy, a copy of the doctoral thesis, a copy of a valid identification document, a curriculum vitae, with the telephone numbers, mail address and email. It is also requested to send a paper copy of the thesis and the signed application form to Fondazione Silvestro Marcucci, via la Montagna, 147 Massarosa – frazione Quiesa (Lucca) / 55054 / Italia, or the application will not be considered.

Art. 4

The award winner will be notified before April 30th, 2014. Within this date, all the nominees will be notified via email on the result of the competition. It is mandatory for the winner, in order to receive the award, to participate to the award ceremony, which will take place in Lucca (Italy), in a date to be decided in agreement with him/her.


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